INES – Main edition

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D.G.A (Digital Graphic Art) Print
Edition of 35
69 x 69cm
300 gsm on Arches rives paper

175 NOK Norway shipping
385 NOK International shipping

Please be aware that there is an additional art tax of 5% on purchases 2000 NOK and over. The 5% art tax is a tax that is applied to all artworks valued at more than 2000 NOK according to Norwegian law. The money goes into an art fund for supporting young emerging artists, and also serves as a pension fund for older artists in Norway.

1 print per order - any orders above this will be cancelled.

"The piece is meant to serve as an abstract illustration of the traits that make Portuguese women so incredibly beautiful. The strong will, the intensity in their eyes, combined with utmost grace and elegance. In a culture that has been through dictatorship and revolution, their passionate struggle to bring the country back to it's glory days is to me very well signified by how strong the women are.

Portuguese women are strong willed, stubborn. They sacrifice much of their time for a better future. This is also seen in previous generations. The only people that will truly put you in your place if you step out of line in Portugal are older women.
There is a saying in Lisbon. We don't need security cameras, we have grandmothers.

I painted Inés in a strongly gentrified area of Lisbon, on the wall of a 250 year old church. The priest was very happy with the result, and the feedback from the local community has been fantastic. During the process of painting the wall we got the whole neighborhood involved. It has now become a strong statement in an otherwise anonymous side street in the heart of Lisbon."

- Ener Konings